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    Gnod play Supermassive, Helsinki this Friday

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    Extremely excited about working with the very talented Khom Visual in creating our own twisted short version of Jodorowskys Dune at this years Cork Film Festival, Ireland. Nerve racking stuff….



    Triskel Christchurch / 45 Minutes
    Director: ///
    Producer: ///
    Colour: Colour

    Following on fro our retrospective of Alejandro’s Jodorowosky’s work, we are very proud to present this exclusive live music and visuals with Gnod and visual artist KHOM.

    To watch Gnod is to be swept away by the power of music that almost defies categorisation or anything resembling convention. This is a melting pot of styles that encompasses space rock, madness, psychedelia, repetition, jazz, rituals and whatever else is at hand…a sonic experience that simultaneously batters and seduces. – THE QUIETUS

    Europe’s premier purveyors of sonic devilment Gnod will create an imagined soundtrack to arguably the greatest film never to reach the big screen: Jodorowsky’s Dune. This unique event re-imagines the startling imagery, ambition and sheer cinematic psychedelia of the great director’s doomed attempts to bring Frank Herbert’s classic sci-fi novel to life. Working in tandem with visual artist KHOM, Gnodorowsky is a highly unique and multi-layered presentation of musical and visual abandon, a spellbinding calibration of film, music and imagination. Gnod are an Irish/English/Portuguese space noise collective operating out of Islington Mill, Salford. Having formed in 2006, the band have received critical acclaim for their all-consuming live performances, collaborations and prolific recording output.

    Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain will play directly after GNODOROWSKY

    The event is specially commissioned by Colm McAuliffe for Cork Film Festival

    - See more at: http://www.corkfilmfest.org/2014/festival-events/gnodorowsky/#sthash.WNRkBBt5.dpuf

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    This weekend 11th October, D&D ,bring the ruckus to Barcelona..


    11 octubre 2014
    9:00pm - 11:59pm

    Preu: de 8 € a 10 €
    Pàgina web

    3 concerts:

    11 de octubre, 10 €/ 8 € anticipada

    ->NOIR NOIR 21h

    Hi ha punts de trobada, en aquest món que vivim ara, per sort, amb músiques que ja van sacsejar el món (de la música) als anys setanta i vuitanta. No és una bestiesa considerar que si el “moviment” industrial lluitava a l’avantguarda d’una guerra contra l’asfíxia de certes convencions un pèl més metabòliques que aquelles contra les que lluitava el punk, aquesta victòria està assolida i, alhora, metabolitzada per la societat melòmana. Hem conquerit l’univers sonor i el soroll és un camp que triomfa també sobre d’altres desfetes del mal gust. Noir Noir n’és un exemple: projecte iniciat per David Vellvehi Galindo l’any 2010, de paisatges sonors de límits obscurs, entre els power electronics i l’industrial. Èpic, espiritual, de ressonància màgica i feréstega psiquedèlia. Acaba d’editar V.I.T.R.I.O.L. (Triangulum Ignis, 2011).


    Dwellings and Druss són Chris Aslam i Paddy Shine, membres del col·lectiu de cosmonautes experimentals GNOD, sorgits de l’entorn del mític centre neuràlgic de creació artística que és l’Islington Mill de Salford, Manchester.Des de 2011 GNOD s’han anat convertint en el cap visible de l’escena psychedèlia/noise underground anglesa gràcies a les extraordinàries crítiques del seu primer disc In Gnod we Trust fins a convertir-se un dels 10 grups de tot el món lloats ferventment per Julian Cope en la seva última resenya Drudion de l’història a la seminal web de Head Heritage.Amb aquest nou projecte el dúo fusiona krautrock i psychedèlia amb trance i ambient què acaba cristalitzant en un minimal tech-noise nu creat amb electrònica anlògica. El seu primer disc “Gnod presents…Dwellings and Druss” descrit per Boomkat com “Ike Yard es troba amb Cluster a l’estudi de Mark Ernestus’”va ser editat al febrer 2013 al segell irlandés Trensmat. El seu proper disc “Level 3” veurà la llum aquesta tardor al mateix segell.

    ->DJ BLUE 23h

    Són anys d’incansable investigació musical els que DJ Blue porta reunint una de les col·leccions de discs més important de la ciutat i educant el gust de dues generacions. Aquest músic i experimentador dels plats és cada cop més un mite, sobre tot des que no es prodiga tant als escenaris. El seu pas per algunes edicions del LEM en la passada dècada deuen romandre en la memòria dels qui van tenir la sort d’assistir-hi. I el tornem a tenir aquí, aquest cop per tancar una nit intensa i sense concesions. Dani Blue és un home que respira música des de molt jove i contagia la seva passió amb tant rigor com emoció. Una sessió seva és un espai anímic en el qual resulta irresistible entrar. Mestre de les textures i les densitats, és un explorador que pot divulgar com ningú els misteris que s’amaguen en la música.image

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    Gnod October Mini Tour

    Three unique shows with the Gnod Gnetwerk & their fucking awesome system. 

    Three dates only:

    Thursday October 2nd at the Tyne Bar 
    Leave Me Here Presents Gnod & Rave Tape 



    Friday 3rd October at Stuck on a Name
    The Music Exchange presents Gnod Space Witch Curnunnos & Nadir

    £6adv £7/6 unwaged on the door


    Saturday 4th October at Church of St Thomas the Martyr
    Cacophonous Sarcophagus presents Gnod, Roly Porter & Killing Sound 


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    The Quietus reviews Dwellings & Druss - Level 3


    Dwellings & Druss are both literally and figuratively touched by the hand of Gnod. An offshoot of the aforementioned Salford-based high priests of sonic rural menace, Level 3 offers an incredibly stark and bare deconstruction of Gnod’s often punishing, near-tangible tectonic grooves. This self-styled ‘wavering mutant techno’ has roots in Cologne, Sheffield and Detroit, but its actual base is somewhere far in the depths, utterly submerged is some form of fathomless abyss.

    And you know what? This rather crepuscular experience is strangely all-consuming, and dare I say, enjoyably so. The two tracks on offer here, running to almost twenty minutes each, are mixed with an unusually precise clarity and distinction; for such ‘deep’ or obscured music, Level 3 does not sound like it was recorded inside someone’s sock, rather on the crest of a magma wave. And there appears to be a certain amount of nominative determinism at play here, too: the first track is titled ‘Cesium – 137’, a deadly form of radioactive metal while the second track, Strontium – 90 (presumably not a nod to Sting and Stewart Copeland’s short-lived outfit immediately prior to the Police), refers to the lethal chemical released from an atomic bomb or nuclear explosion.

    Accordingly, ‘Cesium – 137’ pre-empts the impending chaos with a gradual, slow burn ripping though a syncopated beat, a sort of build up to detonation while Strontium – 90 sounds like the panic stricken aftermath, all warped and wonky and just plain wrong synths panning from left to right before the introduction of a brief, repeated stabbed note signals the fissioning out of the madness. This gives way to an uncertain calm, the fluttering notes sounding like mere fragments or echoes in place of anything concrete. Dwellings & Druss most resemble their Gnod forbearers in terms of the build up and eventual release; when it happens, it’s never quite what you expected. And the impact is then heightened as you never really know where this is going. Whether this is true for the band themselves is another matter; nevertheless, it makes for incredibly switched-on, visceral listening.

    Despite Luke Haines’ claims to the contrary, Level 3 really is post-everything; the album takes everything from Krautrock to psychedelia to trance and ambient and drowns the genres in their own obsolescence. Any pulses or throbbing beats are abruptly cut off or cloaked in hissing; the two tracks sound atrophied, stifled by their own debilitating drones. Yet this subterranean rumble is strangely seductive, as if Dwellings & Druss are tapped into a certain sagacity normally unavailable to the rest of us but, once confronted, we’re more than willing to be fully submerged. Heaven (or hell) knows what Level 4 could sound like.

    Read the full article here

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    Negra Branca returns to Portugal to play some shows this month.

    Lisbon (TBA),  Coimbra (TBA) & Porto.

    Still waiting for info on Lisbon and Coimbra but heres the Porto show.


    Looking forward to seeing her do her thang in her homeland and having a few beers with some good heads.

    Watch this Space

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    Dwellings launches new Bandcamp page

    On the new Dwellings Bandcamp page you will be able to stream & purchase past releases such as ‘GNOD presents Dwellings & Druss’, Dwellings debut ‘Don’t Say Nothing’ & a lot of unreleased material from 2013/14 including a live set recorded at Hamburg’s Golden Pudel club. 

    Check out the Dwellings Bandcamp page here

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    Pretty much completely sold out of all tapes here at Gnod HQ.

    Looks like there are still a few left at Boomkat, wont be many so if you are after any get on that shiz fast yo…..



    Gnod Bless

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    Marreck is the latest project/guise of Michael Hann, who also records under the name of Rejections (previous releases on Opal Tapes, Alt Vinyl) and runs the Reject and Fade label. Melding together psychedelic noise and textures with stark, minimal rhythms, the tracks on the Mechanism EP are designed to wrench the listener into the visceral present and shut down their peripheral senses.
    Cold and Relentless, fans of previous Tesla’s from the likes of Run Dust, AHRKH and Machine Woman will be all over this for obvious and maybe not so obvious at first reasons, not to mention anybody out there with a penchant for the filth.
    Michael Hann delivers again.
    Amazing artwork from the guys at Dr.Me Studio in Islington mill…www.dr-me.com
    50 cassettes…email: ingnodwetrust@hotmail.co.uk …..for orders/info

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    Gnod (P. Shine) - M.U. Podcast 80# (July 2014)

    Check this mix from Paddy, done for the Mundo Urbano Blogspot. Some tracks from past Tesla Tapes/ Onotesla releases and some possible future TT/OT stuff too…


    We are also pleased to announce this show below..

    Its always nice playing Hebden and always an honour to share the stage with AMT..

    The Somnambulists Tale Reissue makes it into Reissues of the year from The Quietus :



    Heres a great review of ONOTESLA002 FROM The Vinyl Factory:


    Gnod Bless


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