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    Gnod (P. Shine) - M.U. Podcast 80# (July 2014)

    Check this mix from Paddy, done for the Mundo Urbano Blogspot. Some tracks from past Tesla Tapes/ Onotesla releases and some possible future TT/OT stuff too…


    We are also pleased to announce this show below..

    Its always nice playing Hebden and always an honour to share the stage with AMT..

    The Somnambulists Tale Reissue makes it into Reissues of the year from The Quietus :



    Heres a great review of ONOTESLA002 FROM The Vinyl Factory:


    Gnod Bless

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    Lightning Glove’s vinyl debut Radical Zoo (Nothing) is officially out!!! It comes as a second vinyl imprint of Manchester-based label cooperation ONO TESLA. Listen to album snippets to get a taste for a real thing! LGlove

    Digital versions available now at the Lightning Glove Bandcamp:


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    Available now direct from ONOTESLA..email ingnodwetrust@hotmail.co.uk for orders & info..

    Also available at Piccadilly Records & Boomkat…


    "Gnod and Michael Holland’s Ono Tesla imprint continues to bring more out-there and unique sounds, conjured up from the witch’s cauldron that is Islington Mill. Although Lightning Glove are from the Czech Republic, it’s undeniable that this sound falls perfectly into the post-rave-industrial ethos from which the label, and most of the music emanating from ‘the Mill resides. (…) The whole EP plays like Atari Teenage Riot on an OD-inducing level of opiates; essential for anyone with a penchant for dark-wave, industrial punk, cybernetic goth or electronic noise. And another piece of Manchester’s complex musical jigsaw."


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    Greetings Folks,

    There will be a split 7” with Eternal Tapestry on the new Mugstar related label, God Unknown, as part of a series on the GU singles club, due out in September.

    Dwellings & Druss have a 12” coming out in late August on Unknown Precept, well worth a check if your into submerged…

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    Greetings Folks,

    There will  be a split 7” with Eternal Tapestry on the new Mugstar related label, God Unknown, as part of a series on the GU singles club, due out in September.

    Dwellings & Druss have a 12” coming out in late August on Unknown Precept, well worth a check if your into submerged squelchy synth improvs..       

    Check the preview here:


    Tesla Tapes wise, the next 3 tapes are currently being put together and are scheduled for a late September release. Stay tuned for more info..

    Onotesla 002 has arrived at Gnod HQ too, so very soon it will be available to all who have been waiting, Unfortunately delays at the pressing plant and then Record Store Day shenannigans prevented this release from coming out in April. Trust me though this release is worth the wait, its the wax debut of………LIGHTNING GLOVE ..entitled….RADICAL ZOO (Nothing) and its fucking brilliant. Keep your eyes peeled for this one, out very very soon.

    Gigwise, Gnod support $&$ in Manchester on 3rd August, Dwellings supports at the Shipley show on the 2nd. Then we are back down to Supernormal Festival on the weekend of the 8th August to have a total ball with some old comrades at one of the best wee fests in the UK.

    September sees Gnod at Liverpool Psyche fest and then we have some dates in the UK planned for October including a very sexy show in our home from home ,Bristol. More info about all these shows to come. Just giving a heads up.


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    The Opal Tapes and GNOD affiliates will release Level 3 through the Paris-based label in August.

    Unknown Precept emerged memorably last year with The Black Ideal, an impressively stocked compilation that perfectly captured the crawlspace between cerebral industrial experimentation and crepuscular techno. Since then, the label has chosen to focus on a more artist-based approach, with their second release granting a debut for newcomer Damaskin, a producer simply presented as the “first and beloved contributor involved in Unknown Precept’s early actions”. Around the time news of Damaskin’s Unseen Warfare EP filtered through, label founder Jules Peter hinted at a greater level of activity with GNOD duo Dwellings & Druss amongst the promised contributors, and full details of their Unknown Precept debut have now been made available.

    Scheduled for release in August, Level 3 finds Dwellings & Druss delivering two long form pieces of “wavering mutant techno” familiar to anyone that caught the Mancunian pair on the Opal Tapes European tour earlier this year. A press release from Unknown Precept goes on to state somewhat obliquely that Level 3 operates in the “deaf and syncopated depths of matter, it genuinely dissects in an almost scientific way some form of misshapen linearity, both intangible and organic.”

    Unknown Precept will release Level 3 by Dwellings & Druss in late August.


    A. Cesium-137
    B. Strontium-90

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    GESAMTKUNSTWERK X - Fri 20th June

    GESAMTKUNSTWERK X - Friday 20th June @ Islington Mill, James Street, Salford, M3 5HW

    Gesamtkunstwerk10 returns for a twisted Summer Solstice rave with live performances by NHK’Koyxen, Joane Skyler and Raikes Parade weaving a collective path between myriad styles of techno, grime, hardcore and dub/hip-hop mutations. Plus Gesamtkunstwerk DJs will be going in deep for a proper longest night of the year headsession….

    With an aesthetic derived from Hardcore Techno and Hip-Hop disciplines, NHK’Koyxen’s music veers from seering dance floor bombs to experimental/digital/geometric/restructures. Osaka-born and now Berlin resident, Kouhei Matsunaga is also an illustrator and will be presenting an exhibition of his drawings during the night in the gallery space - Gesamtkunstwerking in action….


    Joane Skyler has had a couple of excellent releases on Reckno and Boomkat Editions in the past year - expect mutations into the hardcore continuum, chewing up and spitting out variant UK styles of rave, grime, techno and garage into forward future formations.


    Stepping out from duties behind the Mill’s mixing desk, the Tesla Tapes/Gnod/Herbal Sessions/OneFiveEight sound maestro will be going in deep with his latest twists on his own unique dub-wise sounds - playing through the rig he runs, this is full tip-to-tail soundsystem vibes.


    In association with Annex Agency

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    The Gnod Squad are getting excited about hitting the road for a few shows this weekend on the good old continent with the excellent Anthroproph and TOTS.

    Looks like we are gonna restring the banjo’s and dust off the clarinet and wash board for these shows…its gonna be like totally… errrr …..Psychedelic man….

    Also looking forward to seeing friends old and new….WHOOOOP




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    NEW TESLA ACTION…017, 018 & 019 READY TO GO

    This latest batch of tapes are getting an early release to celebrate the fact that two Tesla Tapes artists will be smashing the fuck out of Fat Out Fest , May 23rd-25th at Islington Mill…more info here:


    Very pleased to have Run Dust back and a fine release from Gnod head AHRKH alongside the mysterious Famous Moon King. The artists will have copies for sale at Fat out Fest so numbers will be a bit limited for online peeps. Regulars you are noted, dont fret ha.


    In other news , a big thanks to all the people who supported the Barton Moss tape, all profits so far have been passed on to the right people holding the line at the NO FRACKING ON BARTON MOSS group.

    Good work yall

    Gnod Bless


    NG ON



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    Really looking forward to this at Gnod HQ, not just because loads of Tesla Tapes related peoples are playing it…just look at that fucking line up…

    But yes.. will be front and centre for the Tesla heads, Raikes Parade, Mike O’Neill, Run Dust and AHRKH..


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